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Date/Time: 6 May(14:30)
Venue: TEACHERS CLUB (UPSTAIRS)    Category: Academic Seminar

‘Visibility Changing Lives’ – Free Event

A Special Seminar Marking 25 years since Decriminalisation in Ireland

In 1993, Ireland became the last country in Western Europe to decriminalise the expression of being gay.

The pioneer campaigners who risked visibility in a hostile Ireland, built on the International Human Rights victory of Senator David Norris and his legal counsel Mary Robinson in 1988, who later as President of Ireland, invited the LGBT community to visit Aras an Uachtarain.  Not everyone could afford to be photographed at that great event.  Discrimination was rife in society and the workplace.  There was an absence of State supports for HIV/Aids. 


In 2004, on the tenth anniversary of decriminalisation, the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival was founded. 

The goal of IDGTF was to remove the LGBT mask and the negative stereotype from theatre by presenting Irish and international LGBT stories on mainstream stages in Dublin city.  These were stories that could not be told in the past and stories that needed to be told today if further progress was to be achieved.  


Join Irish Queer Archivist Tonie Walsh, Marriage Equality Campaigner Grainne Healy and Festival Founder Brian Merriman as they address visibility as a catalyst to educate society and change laws.

Chaired by Seamus Dooley (NUJ) and including panellists Kieran Rose and Dr Kerric Harvey, the Festival presents our annual free seminar marking this milestone anniversary, resulting in Ireland being a more equality society and world leader for LGBT rights today.


Duration: 90 mins

Admission is free but register your interest online below to guarantee a seat.

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Date/Time: 14 May(19:30) 15 May(19:30) 16 May(19:30) 17 May(19:30) 18 May(19:30) 19 May(16:00,19:30)
Venue: Momentum Acting Studio    Category: Comedy Drama


Presented by The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS). The aftermath of an “incident” leaves two women injured, trying to piece together what happened and wondering what comes next.

TOSOS, USA.  Written by Kathleen Warnock. Directed by Barry Childs

Cherry Pickings

Can’t afford a night out? Follow the escapades of a group of queer women on their night out in the gay village. Drunken pep talks, a cat fight, and a feverish search for Lindy’s friends (who may or may not be real).

BelleVedere Theatre Company, UK

The Butt Trumpet

Presented by The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS). Presidential spokesmodel Kellyanne Conway displays an unusual talent.

TOSOS, USA.  Written by Kathleen Warnock. Directed by Barry Childs


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Date/Time: 7 May(16:00,21:00) 8 May(21:00) 9 May(21:00) 10 May(21:00) 11 May(21:00) 12 May(16:00,21:00)
Venue: PLAYERS THEATRE @ TRINITY COLLEGE    Category: Comedy Drama

We have lost many great writers over the years.  Where are they now?
Do they come to life every time you read one of their stories or plays? 
Are they in the hearts of the children studying them for exams?  No. They’re in heaven arguing over who is the greatest… obviously!
Join Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley and their…“friends” as they ask you, the audience, to help them decide who is truly the greatest writer of all time. 
‘Glorious Shambles’ Productions will take you on a comedic and light-hearted celebration of some of the most famous writers in the English-speaking world.


Duration: 60 mins

Written by Elijah Egan & Chris Moran. Directed by Vincent Moran

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Date/Time: 13 May(14:30)
Venue: TEACHERS CLUB (UPSTAIRS)    Category: Free Events

The first reading of a new Irish play by Brian Merriman. Based on a true story, meet Patrick the Party Boy as he grows from shy Irish boy in the 1990s to international sex scene clubber, model and dancer.

Readers: Colin Malone, Maria Blaney and Brian Merriman.


Free event but reserve to guarantee a seat.

Duration: 55 mins

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Date/Time: 7 May(16:00,21:00) 8 May(21:00) 9 May(21:00) 10 May(21:00) 11 May(21:00) 12 May(16:00,21:00)
Venue: Momentum Acting Studio    Category: Comedy Drama

Canadian comedian, storyteller and actor Franny McCabe-Bennett shares stories of growing up in the suburbs as a femme bisexual women while rehearsing a play about American feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

This award-winning comedy/history play-within-a-play explores the turn-of-the-century Victorian icon through the eyes of a suburbanite millennial using Charlotte’s original letters, diaries and poems along with Franny’s tales of coming out, making out, and where the heck are all the stories about bisexual women anyway?

Performer’s Choice Award (Fundy Fringe Festival)

Creator/performer: Franny McCabe-Bennett | Director/Dramaturg: Christopher Legacy

DURATION: 60 mins

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Date/Time: 7 May(14:30,19:30) 8 May(19:30) 9 May(19:30) 10 May(19:30) 11 May(19:30) 12 May(14:30,19:30)

In a woodland clearing a group meet to scatter the ashes of Sean, a brother, a lover, father and friend who was brutally murdered in a “gay bashing” frenzy.

Today the inadequate sentencing added further injury. An unexpected visitor arrives with the truth from that terrible night but will it change anything?

A powerful drama with unexpected twists.

(Remembering the 35th anniversary year of Declan Flynn who was murdered in a similar incident in Dublin’s Fairview Park).

DURATION: 75 mins

Written by Verity-Alicia Mavenawitz

Directed by Maria Blaney

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2 HIStories

Date/Time: 14 May(19:30) 15 May(19:30) 16 May(19:30) 17 May(19:30) 18 May(19:30) 19 May(14:30,19:30)
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (MAIN)    Category: Drama

The Second Miracle

Set in contemporary Dublin. Cardinal Newman, founder of UCD awaits his second miracle to be confirmed as Saint of the Catholic Church. On the eve of another Papal visit, Aunt Mary makes a shocking discovery about the Cardinal and his devoted companion.

Written & Directed by Brian Merriman

The Off Switch

A young man born in a time where it was better to ‘switch off’ than to hope for a relationship, considers what would LGBT rights campaigner Mark Ashton and his contemporaries make of this modern gay world they campaigned to liberate?

Written & Directed by Brian Merriman.  Starring Shane English

DURATION: 60mins 

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Date/Time: 7 May(19:30) 8 May(19:30) 9 May(19:30) 10 May(19:30) 11 May(19:30) 12 May(14:30,19:30)
Venue: Momentum Acting Studio    Category: Drama

An often hilarious window into the harrowing life of an ‘Irish Bastard’ farmed out across the Atlantic to Brooklyn, by the Sisters of Mercy in the 1950s.

John traces his journey from the orphanage, his discovery of sexuality, his conflicted relationship to the Catholic Church, through to his emergence as an independent young man: an identity he must also come to question and have reappraised.

Farrell suggests that ‘bastards’ live life in very different ways; ways that are not to be pitied but appreciated for the strengths and insights they reveal.

Written & Performed by John Farrell

DURATION: 60 mins

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Date/Time: 14 May(21:00) 15 May(21:00) 16 May(21:00) 17 May(21:00) 18 May(21:00) 19 May(16:00,21:00)
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (MAIN)    Category: Drama

No life, no prospects, just a Granda to care for and longing to escape. Or at least someone to keep you company. Colin and his Granda are trying to get on as they live in their tiny, claustrophobic apartment. Their only respite is when Granda visits the pub and Colin can drag it up for the Graham Norton Show. When Colin meets James online, things begin to boil over.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? is about friendship, love and how to cope when you seem stuck in the seemingly boring circle that is life. 

Written by Robert Downes

DURATION: 50mins

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Date/Time: 7 May(16:00,19:30) 8 May(19:30) 9 May(19:30) 10 May(19:30) 11 May(19:30) 12 May(16:00,19:30)
Venue: THE IRELAND INSTITUTE, 27 PEARSE ST    Category: Drama

Seated at a table outside a café in Paris, Wilde explains what it was that led to his downfall. Very much alone he still clings to his great sense of humour and brilliant wit, telling his story without self-pity.

Quoting at times from his own work, he gives a profoundly human insight into some of his best known writings. Expertly interwoven into this work is the story of his great triumph and painful disaster.

The result is a highly dramatic and captivating encounter with one of life’s great tragic heroes, that is both touching and hugely entertaining. 

Written and performed by Denis Rafter

DURATION: 75 mins

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Date/Time: 20 May(19:30)
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (MAIN)    Category: Comedy, Music & Drama

The Gala Awards Night is the highlight of the Festival where we close the curtains on two packed weeks of theatre with a range of festival highlights, musical acts and our prestigious ‘Oscar’ Festival Awards.

A celebration of theatre, the creativity and talents of our participants and the hard work of our volunteers; it is not to be missed.

Our companies will perform highlights of the Festival productions with a mix of music and special guests.


Who will win our awards for acting, writing, production, intercultural dialogue and more?  Dress to impress and find out at the Gala Awards 2018!

Doors open: 7:30PM

Duration: 140 minutes (with interval)

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Date/Time: 7 May(16:00,19:30) 8 May(19:30) 9 May(19:30) 10 May(19:30)
Venue: THE TEACHERS CLUB (STUDIO)    Category: Drama/Music

Blue Island 99 is a contemporary, exciting multimedia, poetic story performed in English, with lots of music. Giving a unique insight into Asian LGBT life, gays living on an island are forced to choose between staying with their friends and family or venturing into the unknown away from home to find out who they truly are.

For those born in Taiwan after 1990, LGBT people face both a complicated political past and an uncertain future. Do they accept society’s status quo, or will they abandon what they must accept in the pursuit of true identity. All isolated together, both coming out and sailing out to a future with a determination of destiny in a changing modern world.

Directed by Keng Cheng.  Performed by Tzu-Chieh Hsueh

DURATION: 60 mins

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