Date/Time: 18 May @ 16:00; 13-18 May @ 21:00;
Venue: THE IRELAND INSTITUTE, 27 PEARSE ST      Category: Drama

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What do you get the man who has everything? This is the question Cormac finds himself asking as he stumbles out of an STI clinic in North London, reeling from the knowledge that he has contracted – as the saying goes – “The Full House”.
First stop: off licence, Buckfast, oblivion. Next stop: figuring out what to with your zero-hours fuck-up of a life when you’re basically a walking petri dish.

From Alan Flanagan, writer of festival favourites ‘Billy Redden’, ‘I Run, Sing, I Swim, I Dive’ and ‘Dupont & Davenport’, comes a story of dealing with extremely bad news and learning to be a grown-up when all the dicks have finally come home to roost.

DURATION: 70 mins

Writer & performed by Alan Flanagan

Directed by Dan Hutton

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